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Michelle Obama Dishes About Her Experience with Menopause

Michelle Obama Recruits Stars for 'Worth It' Campaign to Promote Education

The former First Lady Michelle Obama, 58, shares her menopause experience with PEOPLE Magazne in hopes of getting women talking about this often-neglected phase of women’s health. Menopause is something every woman faces at one time or another. And yet, many are reluctant or ashamed to talk openly about it and share their experiences. Visit […]

Her Source | Your Birth Control Pill Can Lead To Stroke and Possible Death!


Have you really taken the time out to read the health risks and follow the directions of your birth control? Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information In less than two weeks, The pill has been to blame for the causes of stroke, and even death of women under the age of 30. Jordan Ward, 26, suffered […]