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WHO Says Drinking Alcohol Can Increase Risk Of COVID-19

Even though liquor stores have been considered “essential businesses” during the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization has warned that drinking alcohol can, in fact, increase a person’s risk to contract the coronavirus. Visit for more information In a fact sheet published by the European branch of the World Health Organization, “At times of […]

Video Game Addiction Officially Deemed a Mental Health Disorder by World Health Organization

video game addiction classified as mental health disorder

Drop that controller — or can you? Visit for more information Following extensive research and the fact that the gaming industry has grown into a multibillion-dollar machine, the World Health Organization is officially classifying video game addiction as a disorder that can lead to mental health issues. Starting in January 2022, “Gaming disorder” will […]

Gaming Disorder To Be Named Mental Health Condition By World Health Organization

gamer rage

The New Scientist reports that the World Health Organization is to include “gaming disorder” in its International Classification of Diseases (Amazon). The wording is yet to be finalized, but will encompass gaming “to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests” and meets various criteria of adverse effects such as anxiety, antisocial conduct […]

1st Case Of “Zika” Virus STD Confirmed In Texas

Today[February 2, 2016], Texas officials have confirmed the first case of the Zika virus, which was transmitted via sexual intercourse. Visit for more information Less than 24 hours after the World Health Organization has classified the virus as an international health emergency, officials in Dallas County said the patient had contracted the virus through sexual […]