DJ Akademiks Blasts YesJulz After She Calls Him a Clown


DJ Akademiks had time today. Recently Ak has been standing up for himself and making sure he takes care of anyone who came for him. It started with Nicki Minaj but now is extended to YesJulz who tweet and deleted a “clown” insult to the personality and also seemed critical of his desire to produce […]

DeRay McKesson Contacted Daniel Caesar After His YesJulz Commentary

Deray BatonRouge

Daniel Caesar caught the wrath of the Internet when he defended YesJulz a week after she offended Black women in the Hip-Hop community while attempting to defend her own miscues. Caesar stated in an Instagram Live session, “Why are we being so mean to Julz? Why are being so mean to white people?” The perceived […]

Daniel Caesar Gets Dragged for Defending YesJulz


First, Murda Mook and now Daniel Caesar. Let the cancellation begin. Daniel Caesar decided to hop on Instagram Live last night and share his unnecessary thoughts and opinions on the YesJulz incident. Julz is a social influencer who was also slammed for calling out Scottie Beam, Karen Civil, and Joe Budden. Because of Julz’s racially […]