Russell Simmons is Now the Proud Owner of a Yoga Studio

russell simmons

Russell Simmons gets to your soul—whether by his multi-faceted work for the hip hop community, comedy showcases, or guides to wellness and serenity. And the latest out of the OG’s mind is no exception. His very own yoga studio, Tantris opened its doors in Los Angeles yesterday, [Friday, November 18]. brings together our community […]

Light Bodies 2 (NYC) Art, Health, Meditation Movement


 High on a rooftop – models, hipsters, and artists lined up outside the DL hoping to get a chance into the hottest event in NYC. Visit for more information     Advertisement It was the second installment of Light Bodies two Art Health Meditation Movement – a night dedicated to transcendence – this time […]

Light Bodys Health Movement with India (EyeOccupy)


We sat down with model and artist India at The Light Body Movement Visit for more information   It was a tense New York City evening in June. Voices of scattered priorities, fumbled conversations of after work politics, basketball predictions, and more filled the hectic city streets. However, despite the hustle and bustle, there […]

Her Source: Is Hot Yoga Dangerous?


For the past five years, Bikram yoga has been trending in urban America with work-out spas emerging in inner cities everywhere.  Before you make the sweaty dive, consider some scientific facts about the consequences of “hot” yoga.