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YSL RICO Trial UPDATE: Person Screams “Free Thug! Mistrial!” After Hacking YSL RICO Trial Zoom Call

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Unconventional antics continued in the YSL RICO trial on day 16 when an unknown person hacked into the court’s Zoom call and repeatedly yelled, “Free Thug, mistrial! Free Thug, mistrial!” Visit for more information Journalist Meghann commented on the sudden outburst advocating for Thug, saying, “To be Clear: There was NOT a mistrial. It […]

YSL RICO Trial: Young Thug Wears ‘SEX Records’ Shirt To Court

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During his most recent court hearing on Monday (Jan. 8), Young Thug took a big fashion risk when he wore a white button-up, which featured the words “SEX Records: Truly Humble Under God.” Visit for more information Last year, Thug’s attorney, Brian Steele, argued that the rapper’s stage name was an acronym for “Truly […]

Young Thug Teases Clothing Line as RICO Trial Continues

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Young Thug is on trial but uses his Instagram Story to promote his new clothing line, Act Normal. “If you support me then…you know the rest,” Young Thug wrote on IG. Visit for more information On the post, Thug included a link. The website reads: “ActNormal Clothing is on its way! We are dedicated […]

YSL Defendent Shannon Stillwell Stabbed In Jail, Trial Delayed

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News reports have confirmed that Shannon Stillwell, one of the co-defendants in the YSL(Young Slime Life) RICO trial was stabbed in Fulton County Jail in the early morning hours of December 11. Visit for more information Max Schardt, Stillwell’s attorney said, “I’m obviously very concerned about my client and I’m gathering information at this […]

French Montana Reveals Meaning of ‘Coke’ Boyz: ‘Creation of Kings Everywhere’

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French Montana is following the steps of the YSL attorneys and giving meaning to a name commonly associated with his rap brand. Montana has commonly represented the Coke Boyz, speaking on Fame & Flavor, stating “Coke” is an acronym. Visit for more information Speaking with influencer Cugine, Montana revealed the meaning: “Coke Boyz stands […]

Fat Joe Reveals Why He Owned Up to Lying in Songs

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Fat Joe grabbed the ear of Hip-Hop when he admitted to lying in 95% of his music. Visit for more information In case you missed it, Joey Crack revealed this during a conversation about lyrics being used as evidence in the YSL Rico case on CNN King Charles with Gayle King and Charles Barkley. […]

WATCH: Fat Joe Says He Lied in “95 Percent” of His Rap Lyrics

Fat Joe Says He Lied in "95 Percent" of His Rap Lyrics

Fat Joe is speaking out about his rap lyrics, stating that he lied about “95 percent” of what he spit throughout his career. Joey Crack revealed this during a conversation about lyrics being used as evidence in the YSL Rico case on CNN King Charles with Gayle King and Charles Barkley. Visit for more […]

Opening Arguments in YSL Rico Case Set to Begin, State Preps Massive Witness List

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Opening statements in the Young Thug and YSL RICO trial begin on Monday (Nov. 27). Thugger will face charges with five co-fedendants. Visit for more information The trial begins after 10 months of jury selection. The charges were brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, the same DA who indicted former President Donald […]

Judge Glanville Rules for Lyrics to be Used in YSL Trial

Here Comes the Judge: Meet Ural D. Glanville, the Judge in Charge of the Young Thug/YSL Case

With a trial date set for the YSL Rico case, a Fulton County judge ruled to allow song lyrics to be used as evidence under certain conditions. Visit for more information According to WSB-TV, Judge Ural Glanville conditionally admitted 17 sets of lyrics that prosecutors can use as evidence against Young Thug and his […]

YSL Co-Defendant Derontae Bebee Reaches Plea Deal Before Start of Trial

Derontae Bebee Reaches Plea Deal Before Start of Trial

Another co-defendant in the YSL RICO case has reached a plea deal. Derontae Bebee has accepted a 15-year sentence, split into five years in prison with ten years in probation. Visit for more information According to Fox 5-Atlanta, Bebee, also known as “Bee” and “B,” agreed to the plea deal with Superior Court Judge […]

Fans Notice Young Thug’s Weight Gain in New Court Photo

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A new image of Young Thug has hit online and fans are noticing what appears to be a weight gain. Attending court, Thugger Thugger wore a red tee with a black turtle neck. You can see the image below. View this post on Instagram A post shared by RapTV (@rap) Visit for more information […]

YSL RICO Trial Expected to Being on Nov. 27

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The jury selection in the YSL Rico cause is coming to a close. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 50 jurors have qualified for the case, and today (Nov. 1) will select 12 jurors and six alternates. The trial date is expected to start on Nov. 27. Visit for more information According to 11Alive, Judge […]

Judge in YSL Rico Case to Begin Jury Seating

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The jury in the YSL Rico case will begin seating this week. According to 11Alive, Judge Ural Glanville would begin seating the jury on Wednesday, Nov. 1. The seating comes from the Georgia speedy trial law. Visit for more information Young Thug put in a request for a speedy trial after his arrest last […]

Young Thug’s Team Preps Witness List: T.I., Lyor Cohen, and More

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With the trial looming, Young Thug and his legal team are reportedly preparing a witness list. According to AllHipHop, ATL Hip-Hop is present on the list with names including Killer Mike and T.I. Visit for more information Additional names that could fit the list of representatives for Young Thug include industry executives like Lyor […]

WATCH: J. Prince Jr. Trolls Gunna with a Mouse He Named After the Rapper

Gunna Makes Public Appearance, Sitting Courtside at HEAT/Celtics Game 6

J. Prince Jr. had some choice words for Gunna. In a video he posted online, J. Prince Jr. held a mouse he found in his swimming pool but named him Gunna. “Fukumean” played in the background of the message. Visit for more information “Gunna, what you doing in a real nigga pool,” J. Prince […]

Young Thug’s Dad on Gunna: ‘He Hasn’t Hurt Us on This Case’

Gunna Makes Public Appearance, Sitting Courtside at HEAT/Celtics Game 6

Throughout the run of the YSL Rico trial, fans have wondered what role Gunna has played in Young Thug’s continued stay in jail. After Gunna was freed on an Alford Plea, rumors ran rampant that he snitched on Thugger. Young Thug’s father offers some context. Visit for more information Gunna maintained his innocence against […]