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Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Vow to Remove Hate Speech Within 24 Hours


Some of our favorite social media and music platforms aren’t putting up with hate speech any longer, as tech giants vow to delete all hate speech within 24 hours. Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube will now support the European Commission code of conduct, whose goal is to prohibit hate speech before it goes viral, to […]

Artists Claim YouTube Is Undercutting Their Profits


Last year, Jay Z dropped a freestyle at the Tidal B-Sides concert, where he addressed the criticism of his streaming service, his competitors in the field and the payment artists receive from these rival streaming platforms. Specifically, YouTube and Spotify caught the most flack in his freestyle, where he raps, “I feel YouTube is the […]

Why Desiigner Had An Instant Hit On His Hands With “Panda”

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While 2016 has brought a myriad of new and innovative releases to the Hip Hop landscape (see Young Thug’s Slime Season 3 and Future’s EVOL for a few notable examples), perhaps nothing across the genre has been quite as rapid and jarring as the rise of Desiigner, a Brooklyn native whose ascent to notoriety has occurred seemingly […]

Gerardo Ortiz’s Violent Music Video Causes a Stir


The Mexican government, along with a gang of petition endorsing media fans and content guardians are opposing a Latino music video that contains what they believe to be explicit content. At this point, the video has skyrocketed to upward of 20 million views.  Gerardo Ortiz has spent his career attempting to make a name for […]

Ernestine Johnson Channels Beyonce In ‘Formation’ Influenced Poem

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Beyoncé released her highly controversial single “Formation” at this year’s Superbowl and the world has been in awe ever since. Bey danced along with a bevy of women donning Black Panther inspired outfits that sparked a social media uproar of support and controversy. Soon after that, she announced she will be holding a tour in the song/performance’s […]

The Rock and Mark Wahlberg Are Being Sued For $200 Million Over HBO’s Ballers

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Even though HBO’s Ballers is enjoying a great run and filming has just wrapped for a second season, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg are experiencing a legal stir over the show’s credit. According to E! News, evidence shows Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton introduced the idea of a show called Off Season to Johnson […]

Watch The Trailer For 2nd Season Of ‘Money & Violence’


Over the past decade, the New York City borough of Brooklyn has undergone various changes, namely due to gentrification, that has given BK a different look. In 2014, the YouTube series Money & Violence captivated millions of viewers as it shed light on the “old Brooklyn.” The series gained such a massive following that notables […]

[Watch]: Kid Cudi Revisits His Former High School In Ted Talk

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Earlier this year, Kid Cudi had his moment in the Ted Talk spotlight, where he visited his former high school in Shaker Heights, Ohio. His speech is now available online, and features all sorts of wisdom and anecdotes about things he’s learned along his path to success. Topics the musician touched upon include how his daughter […]

Facebook Will Now Share Advertising Revenue With Video Creators

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Creators of Facebook make a move designed to attract more polished content and more ads by sharing it’s ad revenue with creative members Facebook is finally getting serious about making money from with their users. The popular social network announced last week that it would begin sharing ad revenue with video creators and if successful […]

Watch As Damon Dash Speaks On Jay-Z’s Tidal Marketing Strategy


Dame Dash speaks on Jay Z’s “Spotify, Youtube Diss” in support of Jay’s Tidal marketing scheme In a recent YouTube interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, a well-known Black vlogger, Dame Dash opens up about his take on the recent marketing scheme Jay Z is using to attack the corporate music industry. He mentions that he’s […]

Apple Requesting Exclusive Tunes To Boost Beats Music Sales


In the increasingly crowded world of music providers, Apple is looking to distinguish themselves from their competition by asking artists for exclusives streaming deals. The recent request from Apple to major music artists is an effort to help their streaming music arm, which is Beats Music. Since it was bought in 2014 for $3 billion […]

Michelle Kim Presents Fall 2015 Collection Via Brand Assembly

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Brand Assembly is a company that nurtures and elevates design talent by providing the infrastructure and guidance needed to launch and grow successful brands. This year, they worked with YouTube Space NY to present the collections of six up-and-coming designers including Hunter Bell, Michelle Kim, Caroline Constas, Nikki Chasin, C. Keller and Maria Dora. Each designer partnered with a YouTube creator on a […]

Watch 12 Year Old Kanye West Recite MLK Speech


Watch the visual of 12 year-old Kanye West in 1990 reciting his MLK poem in middle school Kim Kardashian West recently posted a Youtube link and photo of 12 year-old Kanye West on her Twitter page. Check out the footage below as a young Kanye recites a poem titled “His Name Means Love”, dedicated to […]

Watch This Hilarious Clip of a Man Recording His Wife Rap Along to Salt-N-Pepa


That one time you thought you were a rapper Because this guy is clearly a pro at secretly recording people. And if you’ve ever done it to someone, you know it’s an art. Saturday, one husband posted a clip of his wife wholeheartedly rapping along to Salt-N-Pepa’s “None of Your Business” in their car. He […]

Chris Brown: The King Of Rhythm & Blues?

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Looking back on the last decade in music, specifically R&B, we’ve seen the rise and fall of one too many “promising” superstars. Many have danced, sang and grabbed the attention of women everywhere but none have done it as effortlessly as Chris Brown. Dancing his way into our musical hearts in 2005 with his debut […]