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Federal Court Ordered Google To Remove “Innocence of Muslims” From YouTube

A federal appeals court on Wednesday ordered Google to remove ”Innocence of Muslims” from YouTube, the anti-Muslim film that sparked outrage especially in the Middle East. The film was widely-condemned for its anti-Islam message.  Cindy Lee Garcia, the actress in the film, sued Google to remove the film after threats of violence were made against her. Garcia […]

Top 5 Web Series You Should Be Watching

Because honestly, have many of us actually have cable?  Today the Internet has become a ubiquitous medium for everything related to media, and that includes how people get their T.V. Since it appears easier to sign up for a Youtube account than a cable contract (for a multitude of reasons), here’s five entertaining web series […]

Dondria Nicole Becomes Grown Woman W/ New Single, “Coat Tail”

The YouTube phenom and, now, So So Def artist Dondria Nicole (love that name) is back with a brand new maturity-representing single, “Coat Tail”. Flexing curves and a glorious figure on the artwork, it’s hard to not take notice of the beautiful singer. Sexy, confident, driven women of talent are needed in this culture of […]

Vic Drops A New Song and A New Video

It’s clear that SaveMoney is having a great year and are on top of their game right now. Vic Mensa, has already released one of the year’s most successful mixtapes, Innanetape, but slowing down is not in the plans; keeping his head to the grindstone and his feet on the road. Recently, he and Clams Casino have collaborated on […]

Kanye West Releases G.O.O.D. Music Clothing Line; Update on Lawsuit

With plenty of attention going towards the “Yeezus Tour” merchandise and the recent cancellation of the tour itself, Kanye West is wasting no time and has dropped a G.O.O.D. Music clothing line and lawsuit. The G.O.O.D. music merchandise comes from his own DONDA creative house. Remember back when Kanye dropped his collaboration with A.P.C? Well […]

YouTube Announces Inaugural Music Award Show, Eminem & Lady Gaga To Perform

YouTube’s making moves this year 2013’s proved to be an interesting year for YouTube. Earlier in 2013, it was announced that YouTube views would contribute to the criteria used by Billboard for the Hot 100 charts that track the top songs in the country every week. Today, they made another announcement, involving a music award […]