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[WATCH] Yung Joc Warns Sexxy Red To Check Those ‘Hoe Spirits’


Yung Joc gave his two cents on new rap star Sexyy Red during an interview with VladTV. The Atlanta rapper warned the St. Louis native about the potential pitfalls of sudden fame and ‘hoe spirits.’ Visit for more information “She’s not trying to pretend to be something she’s not,” Joc stated. “I think she’s […]

Yung Joc Mourns the Death of His Mother: ‘Such a Real 1’


Condolences and prayers go out to Yung Joc who is mourning the death of his mother. Visit for more information I don’t have much to say…………… Thank you for all of life’s lessons and blessings…. Such a real 1…. you waited on me today and allowed me to pray with you and you took […]

Yung Joc Shaves Head Bald After Losing Bet on Tory Lanez’s Court Case

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Yung Joc is owning up to his bet. Before court proceedings in Tory Lanez’s trial kicked off, Joc stated if the Canadian rapper were convicted, he would shave his head. After Lanez was found guilty on all charges, Joc owned up to it. Visit for more information Joc’s head was shaven by his fellow […]

Kendra Robinson on the Importance of Intention as a Wife and Career Woman

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Kendra Robinson epitomizes intention and balance. Visit for more information When one is in one’s home-buying journey, seeing Kendra Robinson signifies a completion of the process. Robinson is a seasoned real estate and criminal defense attorney, who’s resume speaks for itself. “I grew attached to real estate because houses and titles just seemed to […]

Yung Joc Arrested On Child Abandonment Charges

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According to a confirmed news report, ATL rapper Yung Joc was arrested and taken into custody at the Gwinnett County Jail last week. Visit for more information Joc, whose real name is Jasiel Robinson, was charged in Gwinnett County, GA on charges of abandonment of dependent child. Joc didn’t stay behind bars log, as […]

Yung Joc Says Rideshare Job is Showing Kids How to Have a Side-Hustle

A fan clowned Yung Joc for being his driver on a rideshare service called Pull Up N Go and the Internet would follow suit. Joc did have his own set of supporters online, but the rapper and reality star is now speaking for himself. Visit for more information Appearing on TMZ in a Pull […]

Fan Tells Yung Joc “You Must’ve Fell Off” After Being His Rideshare Passenger

The spotlight is now on Atlanta rapper Yung Joc after he has been caught driving in what appears to be an Uber-like ride-sharing app named “PullUpNGo.” Visit for more information “You sound like somebody I know,” stated one of the passengers in the video. In a video that surfaced on the Internet on January […]

Yung Joc Gets 3D Tupac Shakur Hair Cut


Yung Joc is back with a new hairstyle, and Hip Hop fans may enjoy this one. Visit for more information The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star got a 3-D haircut of Tupac Shakur’s character, Bishop, from the cult classic, Juice. Joc showed off the impressive hairstyle on Instagram on Sunday evening. The portrait […]

T-Pain Revealed We’ve Been Singing “Buy U A Drank” Wrong This Whole Time

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T-Pain and his iconic 10-year-old tune “Buy U A Drank” featuring Yung Joc doesn’t need an introduction. Visit for more information Whenever the song drops, everyone can’t resist singing along. Especially to the “ooooweeee” part in the chorus. Well it turns out that we’ve been singing the song wrong for a decade. t pain […]

Young Pari$ Comes Out of the Gate Strong, Alongside Yung Joc


The Houston Newcomer Recruits the Atlanta Legend for a Club Banger Visit for more information   A Houston native standing at just 18 years young, Young Pari$ never thought hip hop would be where he’d land. It took other people around Pari$ to let him know that he had something special, something he should run […]

The Source Exclusive Interview With Karlie Redd


The Love & Hip Hop reality superstar Karlie Redd has new tricks up her sleeve she’s ready to release to her fans this upcoming season Visit for more information As season 5 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta makes its debut next Monday, The Trinidadian goddess herself Karlie Redd, was able to take time […]