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University of Nebraska Extends Offer to Zaire Wade

DwyaneWade's Year OldSonisGivingBucketstoNBAPlayers

Zaire Wade, son of NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade, is quite the basketball player. Recent videos have shown the young hooper to have the skill and he has become one of the must-see players across the country. The University of Nebraska Cornhuskers have taken notice and extended an offer to him this morning (Aug 21.) Visit […]

Dwyane Wade’s 16-Year-Old Son is Giving Buckets to NBA Players

DwyaneWade's Year OldSonisGivingBucketstoNBAPlayers

Everyone is looking out for LeBron James’ son Bronny and his eventual trek to the NBA but there should also be some eyes on the son of LeBron’s best friend and former running mate Dwayne Wade, Zaire. This past weekend Zaire lit up social media when he handed out a bucket to New York Knicks […]