Funeral Service! We’re laying these words to rest…kanyeyou-mad-or-nah

The year is 2014 and while we have surpassed an insanely large amount of crappy trends, for a lack of better words, we’re still evolving: musically, artistically, culturally and linguistically.
Now we’ve all fell victim to using these terms in some form or another. But remember, this is a judgement free zone. Any of these words you say will not be used against you. Take a second though, reflect. Think about the countless times you’ve used these terms or heard your friends use them verbally or via social media… Yeah, it’s about that time to put em’ to rest. They’ve been unlawfully abused and you know it. Take a look at these 8 sayings that we need to let rest in peace.

1. “Or nah?”– This has to be the most overused term via social media and in general. You’ve seen the countless Instagram meme’s and captioned pictures.

“I’m cute or nah?”
“Ya’ll sleep or nah?”
“My son cute or nah?”

And sometimes you just have to burst their bubble and say “NAHHH!” Give it a rest, stop doing it for the ratchets.

2. “Its litt!” – Translation: It’s live, whatever and wherever (most likely a party or a hood event) this person is talking about will probably consist of liquor, loud music and a large amount of people. Now, for clarification purposes everything is NOT litt! I repeat, everything is NOT litt. There are limitations to this term, limitations that people fail to realize. For example, look at this list of things that are in fact NOT litt and if you think they are…you just may be a ratchet.

Your son’s Kindergarten graduation is NOT litt.
Your 7-year-old niece’s birthday party should NOT be litt.
Your campus library should most definitely NOT be litt.

We have to do better.

3. “Thot” – Can we please have a moment of silence? According to the urban dictionary, T.H.O.T. is an acronym that stands for “That H** Over There.” Genius, right? Just when we thought we had enough “creative” ways to call a female out of her name, someone created yet another. I’d like to take the word and all its forms, you know the “thotties, tater-thots, thot-o-linas” etc. and put them in a box and ship them to China, no return address. At the rate we’re going no woman is safe, social media confirms that we’re all thots in some way, shape or form. *sighs*

4. “Bro” – Sorry guys, everyone is NOT your bro. Bro actually use to mean something. Now, I’m almost positive it’s another word for saying boy or man.

The man behind the counter at the $1.00 pizza shop is NOT your bro.
The taxi cab driver, yup, you guessed it, NOT your bro.
You’re male “bestie…” NOT your bro.
The guy one of your friends introduced you to at that party last night, NOT your bro.

5. “Weak” – We all have fell victim to this word a time or two: when something is just unbearably hilarious, when you had to hold your stomach because you were laughing that hard, when someone said or did something so ridiculous it made you cry or that one vine or Instagram video that had you on the floor dying laughing. You started off telling your friends the story with these exact words: “Yooooo, I was weakkkkk!” Admit it!

6. “Turn Up” – That one friend who can’t stop screaming this; yes, we hate them too.

7. “Turn Down For What?!” – Things people need to turn down for:

their children
their health
just because
their kids and most importantly just because!

No one wants to be around someone who’s always partying and “turnt up,” have a seat your age is starting to show.

8. “Everything a go” – Translation: Everything is great and I’m saying yes to everything because I’m that

I know it’ll take some time but try to refrain from using these words in your everyday vocabulary, they’d appreciate it.