Andre Drummond is known as being one of the best big men in the NBA and he is even setting records. Unfortunately for him, last night he earned the dubious honor of the most missed free throws ever in a game. As the Detroit Pistons took on the Houston Rockets, Drummond was able to hit 13 of 36 from the stripe and scoring 17 points and snagged 11 rebounds, in what was victory for the Pistons.

When asked about his new record after the game, he didn’t have much to say:

We won the game today….I’m not going to miss them all,” he said. “I’ve worked on it enough where I’m going to build a rhythm and over time I ended up getting one.

Even more interesting is that Houston reserve K.J. McDaniels was put into the game for the sole purpose of fouling Drummond, sending him to the free throw line at one point 5 times in 9 seconds.