Veteran emcee Masta Ace released a new track earlier this week [Monday, January 25] titled “Globetrotter,” featuring guest vocals from London-based emcee ADK (Arise King David).

ADK’s thick British accent lends an international feel to the song, one of two bonus tracks on the re-issue of Masta Ace’s 2004 masterpiece, A Long Hot Summer. Collaborators include heavy hitters such as Jean Grae, The Beatnuts and Rahzel, and producers like 9th Wonder, DJ Spinna and Marco Polo. It’s a welcome addition to the re-issue of the impressive fifth studio album from the Brooklyn rapper. 

“I had been sitting on that ‘Globetrotter’ beat for over three years, just scheming on a way to use it,” Masta Ace says. “At first, we were gonna use it on an eMC album, but we never got it done. I had a little 16 on there and that was it. When the idea of adding new music to the reissue of A Long Hot Summer came up, it was a no brainer. I just extended my first verse and wrote a second one. My dude AKD just happened to be visiting the studio that day I was laying it down. I felt another verse/voice was needed and he was like, ‘Yo I might have something.’ I gave him a shot and he did his thing. It’s a classic example of being in the right place at the right time.”

Ace is pleased to say this new track is one of many to come in 2016. As of this week, he’s completed mixing his new solo album, The Falling Season. Entirely produced by KIC Beats (Canibus, Kurupt, eMC), this is Masta Ace’s first official solo album since A Long Hot Summer.

“I’m glad people get to hear some new music from me now,” he says. “This [‘Globetrotter’] should wet their palates for my new solo album. KIC just spent a week out here mixing with us. I have a real emotional attachment to this album as it’s somewhat autobiographical and a glimpse into my life from 1980-1984.”