Earlier this week, it was reported that current Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was involved in a nightclub brawl with three off-duty police officers. The melee occurred at a Philadelphia venue, considering that McCoy grew up in Pennsylvania and played six years for the Eagles.

TMZ leaked footage from the fight and now it is being revealed that Meek Mill was also in at the club that night and witnessed the entire event unfold. Thankfully, the rapper’s house arrest sentence hasn’t yet started because if so, things could have gone left really quickly. Surely he was just enjoying a night out before his sentence is set to begin but being a high profile celeb at the wrong place at the wrong does have a lot of disadvantages.


Multiple sources at the Philly PD have verified … this video shows the incident cops are investigating and as one police source put it — “We believe the man in the red boxers who gets pulled into the ice bucket is LeSean McCoy.”

Rapper Meek Mill was in the club at the time of the fight. Our police sources say they’re interested in talking to Meek and any other witness who may have information that could help the investigation.