It’s no secret wide receivers are the worst behaved athletes on the football field: they want their quarterback to focus the attention on them, nevermind that there is always two to four other receiving options the quarterback has to consider. For new signee to the Baltimore Ravens Mike Wallace, having a QB with the experience to focus on him more is the main reason he left the Minnesota Vikings.


Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Mike Wallace said he signed with the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday because Baltimore offers a better opportunity and a better quarterback.

Wallace, who was released by the Vikings last week, chose the Ravens over a handful of interested teams, saying he wanted to play for a quarterback like Baltimore’s Joe Flacco who could play to his strength and throw the ball deep.

While Wallace didn’t mention Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater by name, he did seem excited about a change of scenery and a change of quarterback.

“When this process started, I knew I wasn’t going back to Minnesota. I was like, ‘I need a good quarterback,'” Wallace said at his introductory news conference. “I need a quarterback who is proven and can get things done. Flacco has always been that guy.”

We wonder what Ryan Tannehill and Teddy Bridgewater have to say about Wallace comments?