Legendary actor Wood Harris stopped by Power 105.1‘s The Breakfast Club to discuss the new season of VH-1‘s The Breaks and ended up dropping some mind blowing facts.

In the interview, Harris talked about how he taps into character for some of his most passionate characters including “Avon Barksdale” from HBO’s The Wire and ‘Ace’ from Paid in Full.

“I usually try to study the person that I am portraying real good and if it’s not actual person I pull from someone I can identify with like the character,” Harris said. “It was hard with “Ace” because he was literally standing there in the room but I try my best to become the character so that it appears natural. The little nuances and things I add are usually unscripted but fit because I am literally becoming the character.”

It’s not all about the stage, Harris also revealed that he plans on putting his emcee skills on the forefront with an upcoming project, which may feature production by Dr. Dre and how he broke the ice with him over a shared birthday.

“I initially met with Dre on something else, like we were talking about acting,” Harris continued, “Then I slid him my FSX project and told him I wanted to work with him for my upcoming project. He’s an interesting guy, he has a bunch of beats in a vault that I had the chance to listen to a few of, man it was an honor.”

The most shocking truth from the interview, however, was Harris revealing that Tupac had a lookalike play him at the end of Above the Rim.

“At the end of the movie, he [Tupac] was shot the first time, and the movie wasn’t done yet. At the end of the Above the Rim there’s a lookalike,” Harris revealed. “He had shot quite of few shots that the editors pieced together with a look alike to make the scene work because after he got shot, the really had to change up a lot in the movie to make it fit the footage they had.”

Although the cult classic film is 23 years old, it didn’t stop Twitter from reacting hilariously to the surprising twist regarding the film.

Check out the full interview below.