Being in style is a staple of black business women across the country. Entrepreneur Monique Nelms wanted to provide women with the opportunity to dress for success at an affordable cost!


That’s when she came up with the idea of “A Daily Diva”, an Atlanta based luxury designer item consignment shop that sells everything from shoes to purses- with designers ranging from Chanel to Louboutin.


Nelms is also a personal shopper, who works with fashionistas such as Marlo Hampton to bring the latest looks to the scene.


Her work and her luxury boutique has been named one of the best Designer Consignment Shops by the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and Forbes.


HerSource caught up with the on-fire diva to talk business and fashion !


What inspired you to get into the business?


I have always loved fashion and finding great deals. I almost switched my major to fashion merchandising at Howard however was persuaded to stay a Nursing major. So I guess after all this time I just came home to my true love.


How do you market to your clients?


Marketing occurs through social media, pop up shops and networking events. Always providing a personal response to clients provides a connection also.


What do you do to ensure repeat customers?


Holding the business to the highest level of customer service is the way to ensure repeat clientele. I add personal touches to packaging. You go to Chick Fil A because of the level of customer service not that the fries are better than McDonalds. Well I am striving to be the Chick Fil A of personal shopping and luxury consignment.


Personally, what is your number one business rule?


I do not have any business rules really I just adjust my business as needed and I think just staying true to myself and morals that’s my life rule.


Why is a fashion a major part of branding image?


The world has a special love for fashion and fabulousity. By branding with something the world loves makes them in turn love you. Today’ s society is so visual so it is important to add fashionable visual content to branding strategies.


Why should everyone have at least one designer item?


Honestly I don’t think designer items are a necessity to everyone life or lifestyle I think everyone should have something they want so if a designer item is on your list then go for it. Designer items like Chanel bags have a certain quality and longevity that can not be imitated.


Who are some of your favorite items?


I am in love with the Versace Empire Palazzo Collection. My favorite bag is my Classic CHANEL Black Jumbo Lambskin


Plans for 2017?


Closet cleaning services and pop up shops. March will launch our first Celebrity Closet Cleaning & Pop Up Shop merge featuring Marlo Hampton. More pop up shops across the country. We have already hit LA, New York and Maryland will follow in April.