Ohio rapper Trippie Redd is steadily becoming a high profile artist. His numbers have been racking up on youtube and soundcloud as well as his connection to the likes of XXXTENTACION. Now, he looks to capitalize off the increased awareness with the release of his new project, A Love Letter To You 2.

The project is a genre-bending style over the course of 14 tracks. UnoTheActivist and Khalil are among the notable guest contributors to his project.

As far as his breakthrough hits go, his song “Love Scars” was pretty big which showcased his emotionally charged vocals over bass-heavy hip-hop production. Trippie has never been afraid to talk about his diverse taste in music, from alternative rock to pop and his music shows it. But his music library also includes moments like “Can You Rap Like Me?” that showed off his traditional rap skills as well.

The follow-up, A Love Letter To You 2, follows a similar formula. The bulk of the tape falls in line with the genre-defying melodic style of “Love Scars,” but he also takes moments to flash his strength as an emcee on songs like “Hellboy” and “Dangerous.”

Listen to his project via Apple Music and on Spotify below.