“Don’t Touch My Hair” seems to be the theme of the year.

Momo Pixel is the creator, art director, and designer of Hair Nah (hairnah.com), a clever travel video game about “a black woman tired of people touching her hair.” The colorful game opens up with a short synopsis about the game that states,

“Aeva loves to travel, but is hesitant because people often invade her personal space by touching her hair without permission. So help Aeva catch her flight and protect her hair by stopping the reaching hands.”

Hair Nah allows players to choose from a range of six different skin tones, 12 hairstyles, and a destination trip of either Osaka, Japan, Havana, Cuba, or Santa Monica Pier in California. Players have 60 seconds to protect their crown by swatting away the reaching hands and fill up the “Nah!” meter before time runs out. As players progress and level up, the reaching hands speed up from every angle. While playing the game, you can even hear remarks all too familiar to black women like “Can I touch it?,” and “Is it attached to your head?” over the retro, pop soundtrack. Once you win (don’t worry, if don’t win, you get a chance to try again) and land at your destination, Hair Nah closes out with a special message regarding the struggle black women encounter when it comes to their hair.

“The game is over, but this experience isn’t. This is an issue that black women face daily. So a note to those who do it STOP THAT SH*T.”

Social media swooned over the brilliant idea and the game itself, and shared their thoughts and experiences similar to the game. Check out the tweets below.