Hip Hop has been the most innovative genre for the past decade, and Adam Levine is well aware of this. Take a look at his most recent collaborations with the likes of Cardi B and SZA, just to name a few. He’s one of the few artists who is invited to the cookout and recently spoke on the importance of Hip-Hop with Variety.

The Maroon 5 frontman admitted that the Rock genre has pretty much run its course, and Hip-Hop is running the town.

“I don’t know where [rock music] is. If it’s around, no one’s invited me to the party,” said Levine. He continued by praising all the talented individuals who work within the hip-hop genre, saying, “All of the innovation and the incredible things happening in music are in hip-hop. It’s better than everything else. Hip-hop is weird and avant-garde and flawed and real, and that’s why people love it.”

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