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Where are you from?

Jelz: Bronx, NYC. The birth place of Hip-Hop


How many members are in the production group?

Fitz: There are two of us. Myself “Fitz” & my partner in crime “Jelz”

How did you start producing?

Fitz: Long time friend/ Associate “Jermaine Isiah” put us up on FL studio. At the time we used “Fruity Loops 4.3”.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Fitz: We still use FL Studio as the source of our drum mechanics, of course now we use the latest version “10.3 Producer Edition” and Pro-tools 9 to mix

Jelz: But our instrumentation; strings, Bass, synth & so forth come from our “Roland Phantom”, “Triton X50” & the “Korg M1” keyboard. Not to mention we also dabble in certain NexUs plug-ins as well.

Do any of the members play instruments and do you use live instrumentation for production?

Jelz: Yes, me and Fitz play the piano which makes it easier on the keyboard. We believe musicianship is important. We also closely work with a great pianist/ drummer. Shout out to R Major, most definitely raw talent.

Who have you produced for so far?

Fitz: “Young Hash – Militia Gang”, “Cortez” – HSP Murder Ave, “Friday” (E-One/Grind Season), “Clap Cognac”, And “Bless Tha Child”. And a lot of other artists that are coming up just like us.

Are you signed or do you have your own production company?

Jelz: No, we have our own production company. Though we are affiliated with Grind Season/ E One music group, we take pride in having the freedom to be our own entity. This is music but it is more importantly a business.

If you had any advice for new and up and coming producers what would it be?

Fitz: I would say, stay balanced consistent and innovative. The balance is the hardest thing to do when you’re passionate about music. Let’s say a lot of people want to hear a certain type of beat when that sound is popping. If you decide to nOT make that style of music because you’re just not feeling it, then you’re basically making music for yourself. So you have to be balanced as to not sell out in this industry, while still remembering this is a business at the end of the day. The consistency is a no brainer, which simply comes down to supply and demand. However, innovation goes beyond beat making. It’s when you as a producer can shine and express your creative side, which delves into writing the catchiest hooks, and being with the artist the whole way through the making of that song. That’s what really sets you aside from all other producers.

What are the next projects you are working on?

Fitz: We produced the majority of E-One/Grind Season’s artist “Friday” 1st album, and we have already started working on his sophomore release as well as submitting music in for big placements.

Who do you see as the next big producer?

Fitz: Us of course… Lol. I would also say “Evan Brown”. He’s another big producer to look for

Name three songs you have produced and the artist it was for?


 “What They Talkin’ ‘Bout” – Young Hash (Cory Gunz Artist)
“Ooo I’m Tellin” – Friday (Eone Artist)
“Killin Every Rapper In sight” -Clap Cognac (DJ Superstar J Artist)

Jelz: Make sure ya’ll check out each one of these dope dudes. They are doing big things this year.

If artists want production from you what is the email they should contact?

They can follow us on twitter @Thee_elite, @WhoFreshAsFitz, @WhereIsJelz. Feel free to send us your EPK @ and also make sure to log onto for further info and updates.

I would like to S/o my dude Lou for the opportunity to grace one of Hip Hop’s most notable magazines, My Team (Thee Elite, Wac Boyz, Grind Season, and TeamGSM) and all our fam and supporters. Thank U. Thee Elite signing out!!!

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