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This week’s crush we introduce you to Whitney Coss, a 24 year old make-up artist. Whitney Coss knows that there are many “MUAs” out there trying to make it, but they haven’t understood that it’s not about making it anywhere, it’s about being the best at what you love to do and then allowing everything else to follow.


Growing up as a child Whitney was always artistic. She would choose canvas and paint instead of dolls and boys. Once she became a teen, Whitney Coss had the opportunity to explore another way to express herself artistically. Through makeup she has had the ability to show what a true artist she is.

Although she began six years ago, Coss can sit here and tell you that everything she knows has been self taught;  it’s never just a face, it’s a fresh canvas – it is never just makeup, they’re her tools. Through the hustle and grind,  she’s done various jobs from magazine spreads to a complete calendar featuring Lisa Ann for Flud watches, but the most significant job shes fascinated with is working with VH1’s Love and HipHop.

After the Love and HipHop Reunion her work received so much recognition from viewers and tv personalities alike, that she was humbled to know so many women wanted to recreate what she’s done. Whitney often finds myself still answering emails from fans asking “how to” and “what to do” for a certain look.

When asked where does she see herself and her work 10 years from now her response was, “Where do I see myself in 10 yrs? Well, I see myself working with A list celebrities, traveling more, while managing my own business; after all, I am already my own business.”

Words can’t explain how driven and appreciative Ms. Coss is for all of her accomplishments and there will be many more ventures you can expect from her. Follow her on Twitter and stay updated on who’s make-up she’ll be doing next.

Twitter: lipstickqueenx

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