Rick RossOn Saturday evening, the boss man himself Rick Ross headed to the Hamptons to support his friend Russell Simmons at his 14th Annual Art For Life Benefit, which was presented by Bombay Sapphire and Target. He also performed for guests alongside Estelle and Maxwell. 

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We spoke with Rick Ross on the red carpet. Check out what he had to say about ‘Self Made 3,’ the arts and his day in the Hamptons. 


Q: “Self Made 3” comes out September 17. What can fans expect?

Rick Ross: You know the hottest compilation the streets have seen in years. We really took it over the top this time. We really went in, you know we got the whole camp involved and I think that’s what makes this compilation so special, we always bring new artists to the table, new producers to the table, as well as the legends. You know, myself, Wale, Meek Mill. You know, a lot more surprises.

Q: We are celebrating the Arts today. How important are the arts to you?

Rick Ross: I mean, I feel it’s necessary for a growing mind, for a growing child. I feel we all have some sort of artist inside of all of us. It’s just about how much we tap into it and I felt like from day one that’s what was natural for me. I’m just here today to do whatever I can, you know, and whenever Russell calls you can never say no.

Q: What do you admire about Russell Simmons?

Rick Ross: I just admire his consistency. He’s consistent with everything he sets out to do. He’s been that way from day one. He’s been building empires since we’ve all been introduced to him and he’s still doing new things and he’s bringing a lot of new faces together for good causes so we all got to pay homage to that.

How was your day in the Hamptons?

Rick Ross: I went out on the water today and I support open fisherman, you know what I’m saying? We went around the island and we saw a lot of different things and man this is a beautiful place I was just paying attention to the detail and as I ride down the streets all I can smell is old money baby! Got to love it.

Q: Are you doing anymore movies or TV shows?

Ross: I just had my acting debut. Actually, it was last night or the night before, “Magic City,” the sixth episode on Starz. It was a beautiful experience, a wonderful episode, and you never know what you’ll get to see next.

Q: Are you gonna be pitching your own show?

Ross: You know, I’m not in a rush for none of that you know what I’m saying. I’m just having fun with it but we grinding, we working.