1doebmilkcrate3Doe B took the time to talk about his latest mixtape ‘Baby Jesus,’ working with Mannie Fresh and what he’s learned from working under T.I.

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Grand Hustle’s Doe B is no stranger to making hits with his hits “Let Me Find Out,” his featured verse on “Kemosabe,” and his diamond-dancing track “Patrick Swayze,” to just name a few.

Doe B has put his time in but still is up-and-coming regarding recognition and plans to earn his keep with his latest mixtape ‘Baby Jesus.’


Doe spoke to us about the making of “Let Me Find Out,” why he titled his mixtape ‘Baby Jesus,’ working with Mannie Fresh, and his favorite college football team. You’d be surprised to find out it’s not only Alabama.

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– John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)