Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 2.02.55 PMPhiladelphia police are investigating the source behind an Instagram account that revealed pictures, testimonies, and police statements associated with witnesses of crimes in Philly since February.

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The point of the account was to identify “rats” in the judicial system, hence the username “rats215.”

Officials discovered the Instagram last week when Police Lt. John Walker saw a link to one of the photos featuring a witness statement from a 19-year-old shooting victim on Twitter.


Before it was deactivated yesterday, the account had almost 7,900 followers, over 150 photos, and a myriad of comments and likes.

The account had many supporters and people routing for guilty criminals. According to the Inquirer, one comment read “Post some new rats. I needa put a hit out on them.”

Moreover, one post celebrated Kaboni Savage, a drug dealer sentence to life for 12 cases of murder, one of which included a bombing that killed 4 children and 2 women.

Tasha Jamerson, spokesperson for the district attorney’s office responded to the account saying that threatening the safety of witnesses is a “very serious, ongoing problem.”

She continued to say, “We work with Philadelphia police to investigate vigorously and thoroughly any attempt to intimidate any witness, to identify perpetrators, and, where appropriate, arrest and prosecute.”

Lt. Walker says, “These actions shoot an arrow through the heart of the criminal justice system, placing victims and witnesses at risk.”

The account put a lot of individuals in danger and Philly won’t rest until they find out more.


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