Oakland, CA is a war zone..

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Bay Area, KRON 4, News, Oakland, San FranciscoIt’s hard to explain what is going on in Oakland right now. The violence and crime is at an all-time high in, “The Wild Wild West,” and those that are contributing to the madness don’t have any fear of being caught on camera.

A segment on KRON 4’s Bay Area News titled People Behaving Badly shows shocking footage of residents engaging in ridiculous acts. Most of the videos are a collection of YouTube videos that those participating in the ludicrous acts have posted themselves.


One of the clips shows a group of drivers taking over Interstate 280 in San Francisco. The drivers are seen performing donuts and peel-outs as they block off traffic on the freeway. Another clip shows an Oakland resident performing a U-turn and firing five rounds of a gun into the air in a residential neighborhood.

The madness doesn’t end there as we see a group throwing bottles at a police cruiser passing by. The cops don’t even make an attempt to disperse the crowd as they continue past the large group because of safety reasons.

Another shocking clip shows the body of an Emeryville resident laid out in the middle of traffic. Perhaps the most eye-opening revelation of the segment is how much of a norm this absurd behavior seems. A female resident is seen walking past a crowd and as one of the guys fires a shot into the air, no one seems concerned or worried about the shots being fired on main streets.

Let’s hope the police force can step it up out there in Oakland. Check out the footage in the video below.

-Patrick Hazel (@pattywack25)