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“That own a rack of Jordans but don’t sport em..” Skkkkkrrrrt. Nuh-uh Wale, we like to rock our kicks, too.

I remember the day perfectly. It was a cool Saturday morning in Queens, two weeks after my 15th birthday. After begging my mom & dad for weeks, there I was in the Coliseum, $115 in hand, about to buy my first pair of J’s…


…No, I’m not a guy. And while most girls at the time wanted a pair of Chinese slippers, my mind was on those Black & Metallic Silver 5’s. *insert heart eyed emoji here*

Most female sneakerheads share a similar story. What girl wasn’t on growing up, or enraged when we found out those shoes we wanted didn’t release in our size? Ladies with a sick shoe game never got as much recognition as the fellas, but in recent years, that’s all changed. Singer Teyana Taylor shows off pairs of deadstock (fresh out the box, never worn) kicks all the time on Instagram– and most of the comments are from guys wishing they had her shoe collection (and her, but that’s for another post.)

Let’s take a quick look at her kicks, along with four ladies in the entertainment biz who rock their racks of sneakers more than their pumps. Click below to begin.

-Kairi C. (@_findingforever)