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Last week on the hit series, The Game, Kelly makes her appearance to see about Brittany’s pre prom party which makes Chardonnay not to happy. Both Jason and Chardonnay didn’t know that Kelly was coming.

This week, Chardonnay holds an intervention for Tasha as she not telling anybody about who’s the father of her unborn child. Tasha is not happy about Chardonnay holding the intervention for her. Jason is still recovering from his “accident” as he wears a cast on his arm. Everyone is at the intervention including her own father.


Tasha shows off her expecting belly as she is chanting are you not entertained (via the movie 300). She makes a joke about Jason hurt arm and Tasha’s father ask him about his arm. Chardonnay insisted that Jason was hurt from a car accident but only Tasha knows the real truth behind his arm getting hurt. Blue and Kierra decides to keep their relationship a secret as they are arguing during the intervention but they realized that they don’t need to keep it a secret anymore. Tee Tee is served with court papers because of him serving salmonella to his customers. Malik’s trainer Yana is at his house thinking they had a session to recover his shoulder he hurt when he was jumped.

Tasha calls Blue and Keirra, Melanie and Derwin 2.0 as she is letting out her frustration. Yana tells Malik that her girlfriend broke up with her and they are talking in his bedroom but they don’t do anything. Malik tells her about his past relationship with his girlfriends in which he reveals to her that he was only in love once and it was with his high school sweetheart. He tells her he is the way he is because of that relationship. Tasha reveals to everybody that she is raising her newborn child by herself and everyone doesn’t think that it’s a good idea. Everyone is telling her to call Rick and Pookie but she doesn’t call them. Jason kept throwing shade at Tasha that she revealed to Chardonnay that Jason was with Kelly before he hurt his arm.

Sounds like this is going to be a crazy season.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)