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Solange isn’t very happy with her brother in law.

TMZ has acquired security footage from last week’s Met Gala, that shows Solange Knowles ferociously attacking Jay Z in a museum elevator, as Beyonce looks on and a bodyguard does his best to keep Bey’s sister from physically harming a reluctant Hov.


There’s no audio–though we wish there was–so there’s no way to know for certain what caused Solange to go off on Jay, or what was being said during the attack, but just by watching the clip (which is just under a minute), it’s clear Solange has some MAJOR anger towards Hov.


UPDATE: TMZ  has just received extended footage of the elevator fight between the two. Jay Z is seen talking to Beyonce after being kicked by her sister, who continues throwing things at him as their bodyguard tries to assist them out of the elevator in a calmly manner. FAIL.

All that’s needed now is the audio. See the extended clip below: