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What Actually Happened At Bonnaroo.

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Some of us think highly of the biggest rockstar on the planet, better known as Kanye West. After a six year hiatus from the friendly farm of Bonnaroo, he decided to return for what was  a remarkable performance. Fans were already rushing to the front of the stage by the time Janelle Monae went off while the sun was still high in the sky.

Never mind that Kanye was to go on stage at 10PM.


But let’s rewind before we get there to the music. Since Mr. West’s 2008 Bonnaroo performance he’s delivered more than three albums, sold out sneakers, got married and started a family. We’re not going to take this personal, but Kanye made sure that it was known that Pearl Jam went over in there show six years ago, which made his show late, he proclaimed. Whether or not it was true, 2014 Bonnaroo was a time for redemption.
Walking to the What Stage you saw F*ck Kanye sprayed painted along the wall and even a nice gold finish of Welcome Back Kanye West under it.

The stage was finally set, pun intended. Nope, he didn’t start with On Sight, in fact he took us through a set of his most popular songs, without him. A run of Don’t Like (rmx), Clique and Mercy, it seemed as if we were going to get a hologram and not the real thing. Finally about 20 minutes into the show a Margiela masked figure appeared withe loads of energy.

Horrible transitions followed and we were granted to know what happened back in 2008. His rants were more like a venting session. We found out that he wasn’t able to come out on time because of set setup. Maybe that is why he went for a more minimalist stage design this time.

Later the world saw that his wife was on sight as well, congratulating him for a great show. N

Word From His BFF (In Her Head)

After attending every single Kanye West album tour from the first before College Dropout, this was the worst. It seemed very unorganized. The transitions were long with no direction and the set list was all over the place. Fans booed, yawned and looked at their phones. What happened Mr. West? Wasn’t this supposed to be a happy moment, a welcoming moment, a celebration? It wasn’t, you ended with a bang of Blood On The Leaves, but something was missing. I miss you, even the Yeezus Tour gave life. My feelings were hurt and you seemed like you didn’t care nor were you having fun. But this left a bad taste in my mouth. Yeezy, let’s talk about this.

Is This The Evolution of Mr. West?

Words: Tatiana R. Johnson (@TatianaTot)

Photo: Mark McPherson for The Source Magazine