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“I Really like being at airports and having people come up to me and saying, are you Kanye West.. Stop Lyin”

TMZ has unearthed a previously unseen clip of Kanye West in the studip waxing philosophical.  The clip comes from a tv show pilot about Brett Goetsch, self proclaimed “Travel Agent to The Stars”, that didn’t end up seeing the light of day.  In the clip Kanye talks about his general plan to avoid airports, because “people like to  say really stupid stuff to me” .


He then goes on to somewhat jokingly talk about  tactics he uses to avoid fans, like the “im on the phone, even when i’m not on the phone tho” maneuver or the “you snap on the person you’re on the phone with & it let’s them [the fan at airport] know that they’re interrupting the shit out of you” trick.

The clip serves as a reminder of who Kanye West truly is, an humorous asshole of sorts that really just wants you to like him, something I know I can relate to.

What about you?  Let us know on Twitter & Facebook what you think of Mr. West’s tips.

Spencer would dead ass pay $9.99 for an album worth of Kanye’s airport tactics, smh. Follow him on Twitter – @sjeezs