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Kanye can not be stopped.

Last night, thousands of people came out to in LA for the Made In America Festival. As if the line up wasn’t good enough featuring artists such as SZA, Rita Ora, Nipsey Hussle and Steve Aoki, Kanye West came out and shut down the entire concert.  Made In America had a live steam of the concert on their official site for those who couldn’t attend the concert.

As usual Kanye came out with his infamous mask and MPC performing in front of an awesome visual backdrop.  Kanye always seems to have a great performance but this time around his performance exceeded expectations.  He performed classics such as “You Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, “Power”, “Stronger” and more recent bangers like “Blood On the Leaves”  and “Clique”. Of course, the  performance wouldn’t be complete without at least a short rant from Kanye.


The energy of the crowd was unparalleled to anything I’ve ever witnessed before. Fans were uncontainable but synchronized at the same time. At some points of the performance the sounds and gestures of the crowd over powered Yeezy himself!  If you missed the live stream last night you can watch radiant energy of the crowd ooze through your computer screen via DailyMotion here.

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