Daylyt tried to sh*t on everyone else

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Daylyt is quite the prominent battle rapper, garnering acclaim on the URL circuit, and even being featured on Ab-Soul‘s latest album, These Days. However, he’s equally known for being a pretty controversial figure, threatening to do a wide range of crazy, ill-advised things during his battles, including what he just recently attempted to do: defecate on stage.

During a battle, in which he was going against Real Deal in Arizona, Daylyt was booed while he was on stage, due to an over-the-top outfit reminiscent of Kanye West‘s Yeezys wardrobe–just the type of grandeur that is frowned upon in the stripped-down culture of battle rapping. Daylyt wasn’t on stage long before the crowd began heckling and booing him, which is when he attempted the unthinkable.


The above photograph is a picture of Daylyt literally trying to move his bowels live on stage at the battle, and below is an Instagram video of security quickly removing him from the venue after his insane, crude act.


Security pulling @daylyt2k14 off this stage before he could shit. He’ll get it someday.

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