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It’s not quite #EverythingIsPushaT but we’ll take it


For those of you that forgot, just over a year ago, Kanye West gave one of the greatest drunk speeches of all-time at Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name album release party, in which Kanye accredited Pusha T for being the soundtrack to the new wave of urban fashion design, Kanye’s own life, and several other prominent trends in Hip-Hop and fashion. Ye being drunk isn’t an assumption. He famously uttered, “I’m (indecipherable) off that Goose right now!” in the middle of his speech, as he flailed around while surrounded by 50 or so members of the reporters and photographers.

Last night in Los Angeles, Kanye West got the microphone and delivered an extremely passionate speech about Teyana Taylor‘s come-up and the release of her new album, XII, and took the opportunity to playfully reference that now famous speech he gave at Pusha T’s party. Most credit Ye’s crazy rant to be one of the biggest buzz boosters of Pusha Ts My Name Is My Name, so let’s hope Kanye’s latest speech does the same for XII. Watch the full rant above.