In Springfield, MO, a newspaper’s coverage of the protests and demonstrations associated with Ferguson and Mike Brown are stirring up controversy of its own

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One would think it would be nice to see college level school students’ using their brain for once; however, think again. Check out the recent front page of The Standard at Missouri State University. Above the fold the student publication printed some offensive and vulgar remarks, including “I don’t care about ni***rs. They’re are just ni***rs.”, directed at protesters during a recent demonstration on the Springfield campus.

The school says it received a number of complaints, but says it does not violate school rules. Some half expected the story to state the paper had been shut down and the students expelled, which did not happen.
The University sent this news release to the media about the controversial cover story:


The Standard is the official student-run newspaper of Missouri State University. Student editors and staff members are responsible for all content. The views expressed do not represent those of the university.
The story featured in Oct. 28, 2014 issue did not violate University policies. It was fair and balanced article addressing a recent campus protest. The University does not censor the student newspaper.
First published as The Southwest Standard in January 1912, The Standard provides useful information to the MSU community, gives MSU students an opportunity to learn in a real-world, professional setting, and serves as an advertising platform for the MSU campus and the Springfield community.
The Standard has a print circulation of 7,000 and is published every Tuesday (with a few exceptions) during the fall and spring semesters. The newspaper is distributed free at more than 50 campuses and downtown locations. It is also delivered to all Greek houses.

One has to wonder what exactly this schools’ “standard”? If the views expressed in the paper do not represent the university, then why are the university staff members willing to take full responsibility for its content? Sounds very hypocritical and irresponsible to say the least.

-Tamara El(@_SheWise_)