Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, Acting DA Madeline Singas And The Heroin Prevention Task Force, Chaired By ADA Feichter, Continue  To Fight The War On Substance Abuse With Great Results

A New Youth Committee Has Been Created To Improve Communications Between The Youth And Young Adult Population In An Effort To Reduce Drug Abuse And Save Young Lives

Nassau County Assistant DA Rene Fiechter

Nassau County Assistant DA Rene Fiechter

In an effort to address Substance Abuse in Nassau County the Nassau County Heroin Task Force has created a “Youth Committee” to be Chaired by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher of the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council (  The purpose of the committee is to get more young people involved with the Task Force so we can work as a team to better address the War on Drugs.  To Win the War we must make every effort to bridge the communication and information gap between our youth and adult population so we can put an end to a problem that has devastated communities throughout the country.  By working with the youth we can get a better handle on what is “Hot on the Block” and what resources they need to stay focused on their goals and out of the criminal justice system.
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Our youth need to know that if they or a Friend/Relative have a Drug Problem, there is a lot of trustworthy help available to help them get through a very difficult period in their life.  This committee will create and represent an entity of trust with a mission to bond and earn the trust of the young residents of Nassau County because we all care about their safety, growth and development.
Below is information on the Task Force for anyone looking for help, services and/or treatment.
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If you are 21 and under and want to join us in the Fight and be a part of a new movement to Save careers and lives hit us up at:

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Story posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram @HHSYC).

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