Fetty Wap’s hits are on Jeopardy

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When your first four singles all make their way onto the Billboard charts, it’s safe to say you’re doing something right. Fetty Wap’s dominance of the charts landed him a spot as the $2,000-question on Jeopardy last night.

In the clip, the host Alex Trebek reads the name of two of Fetty’s more popular songs “679” and “Trap Queen” before Catherine comes through with the correct answer. Unfortunately it looked like Vaughn, who had the edge on Catherine had no idea who the Trap Queen crooner from New Jersey was. Watch the video below courtesy of a fan’s Snapchat.


Fetty Wap charted new territory tonight @baronblades

A video posted by Mikey Fresh (@mikey_fresh1) on Nov 9, 2015 at 5:38pm PST