Survival Of The Fittest, Only The Dead Survive

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Survivor Series is usually all about 5-on-5 elimination matches, but this year comes with a bit of a twist.  Seth Rollins injured himself (for real) setting up a vacant WWE Championship which will be up for grabs on Sunday night.

This awesome Infographic shown below, courtesy of shows not only how that tournament of contenders to the title belt has played out so far, but also a history of title vacancies.  Sure everyone remembers Daniel Bryan’s recent vacating of the title, but there have been many titles given up over the years, by some of the biggest names in WWE History,  Andre The Giant became the first to hold the “honor” in 1988.  Crazy to think that Randy Orton has actually won three of his 12 world titles as a result of vacated titles.


Another cool part of the chart is a history of Undertake and Kane, otherwise known as The Brothers Of Destruction (insert dramatic beat drop here).  Without this great graphic how else would you know the sure fire trivia factoid that the undead brothers have actually wrestled more as a tag team (35 matches) than they have against each other (15).  Click the image to check out the original graphic.