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With 2015 dwindling down, most of us ladies are trying to get our ducks in a row to have a prosperous 2016.

Preparation can mean anything from posting the quintessential “New Year, new me” status to following DJ Khaled on SnapChat to find out the real “Keys To Success.”

Whatever your ritual, there are little things we tend to overlook while building our blueprint to an amazing year. Let’s do some housekeeping to complete rejuvenation.



Unsubscribe From Tempting Email Lists 

Whether you go through and delete them or hit the “Mark All As Read” to the make the notifications disappear, the junk mail is gratuitous. Do you really need to get three emails a day informing you of Pizza Hut’s new deal? Nip the temptation in the bud. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Delete Old Contacts

When was the last time you checked the number of contacts in your phone? Are all the numbers listed worth your time or is there someone toxic waiting on the other side? Let’s just dead those numbers.

Clean Up Your Timeline 

It’s also time to “unfriend” some people on social media. We all have a few followers who stress us out and we barely know them. It’s like their constant unhappiness, drama, and pride in being petty takes a toll on your day. Although their drama can be entertaining, let’s not allow their negative vibes to interfere with your growth.

Find New Hobbies To Replace Old Habits 

This is kind of self explanatory, but much needed for those of us who have a problem acknowledging those old habits that are toxic and not allowing us to flourish. Do some self evaluation and ask your close friends what they feel you need to work on to become a better you.