In a recent call to action, a video directed by Jonathan Olinger and Andrew Ellis aims to assist with rolling back the incarceration industry in America.

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As backed by HUMAN, the growing storytelling platform and agency, the goal is to help with demanding the U.S. Congress pass comprehensive justice reform legislation.

Considering facts such as one out of every 100 American is behind bars, 70 million Americans have a criminal record and 2.7 million American children currently have at least one incarcerated parent, it’s time to fix what’s broken about our justice system.


As part of the #JusticeReformNOW movement, We Are Here (Alicia Keys is a staunch supporter) has partnered with #cut50 to host a petition, which currently has hundreds of thousands already inking their names.

The Senate has announced the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, which would implement reforms of federal prison sentencing by reducing automatic and harsh punishments, as well as increase support for rehabilitation programs. As reported, that bill was then followed by companion legislation in the U.S. House, the Sentencing Reform Act. These would join other proposals including the SAFE Justice Act, which would assist with system-wide reforms to enhance rehabilitation and support individuals’ return into society.

The petition aims to garner one million signatures before presenting to the President. With a soundtrack by Raury, the video is a powerful one.

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