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Since hashtag culture has become the norm for helping promote current day movements through social media, Alyssa Milano is the latest celebrity to contribute to over 170,000 photos behind the #NormalizeBreastfeeding tag on Instagram. Milano’s photo shows her breastfeeding her daughter, Elizabella, and has stirred up many, many comments and backlash online.

Making an appearance yesterday, Wednesday January 6th, on The Wendy Williams Show, the topic came up in discussion, with host Wendy Williams having her own opinion about Milano’s stance.

I’ve been posting pictures of my breastfeeding journeys since Elizabella was a little baby,” Milano said. “I was surprised I was put in the position of being a breastfeeding advocate, which I love and I take that job with a lot of responsibility. But it was shocking that we were that opinionated about something that’s supposed to be so incredibly natural.

However, Williams questioned Milano, and added that if it were her, she would breastfeed her baby out of public view saying, “I don’t need to see that.”

Milano responded by questioning Williams back, asking why it’s acceptable to show a picture of Miley Cyrus in a revealing outfit, but a photo of a woman nursing her child is problematic.


I don’t know why I feel this way,” Williams said. “Breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of your life, your breasts are sexual things.

Milano, who is the mother of two children, daughter Elizabella, 16 months, and son Milo, age 4, responded by saying, “Biologically they’re not made for sexual things, that’s what we’ve done to them. All over the world, there’s a village mentality for women and [your belief] is not the norm.”

The actress has been in the spotlight for breastfeeding in the past, speaking out after her breastmilk was confiscated in London at the Heathrow Airport, as well as documenting herself breastfeeding several times throughout her journey into motherhood.

Concluding the debate, Milano said, “You’re lucky the baby is not here — I’d whip them out and feed her right here on the show.”