Playtime’s over. No longer intrigued by the innocence of mindless fun and games following a brief period of distraction, Dr. Dre gets his priorities straight and reshifts his focus on the morally-responsible “Back to Business” featuring T.I., Victoria Monét, Justus, and Sly Piper. Premiered during Saturday’s edition of The Pharmacy on Beats 1, the track appears to be a leftover from studio sessions for the West Coast icon’s 2015 album Compton.

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You may find yourself questioning how on earth someone of Dre’s stature could ever become preoccupied with anything of potential detriment to his outstanding legacy, even if only for a moment; but keep in mind, success is often said to breed complacency. Fear not however, as the former N.W.A. member and second richest man in hip-hop according to Forbes is ready to get back on the ball and keep his nose to the grindstone, even if there’s nothing left to prove.

Listen to the motivational record here.