Alicia Keys has a special Valentine’s Day message for someone and it’s not Swizz Beatz, it’s Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

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In a new spurious flirtatious video directed at the Republican leader, Keys calls for his action on the criminal justice reform; and suggests Ryan show her how “cool” he is by backing the issue’s bipartisan action which President Obama detailed as a priority for his final year in office.

“I recently saw a picture of you working out and I was like mmm,” Keys said playfully. “I never saw the Speaker of the House working out before, he must be cool. Are you cool Paul? Show me how cool you are, in fact you can even be my valentine if you help me spread some love.”

Keys goes on to urge Ryan to “spreads some love” by “reuniting those who have been unjustly torn apart be excessive incarceration.” The video, part of the We Are Here Movement, is also calling for viewers and fans to “write love letters” to Ryan and other members of Congress to show them importance to act on the reform.


The new approach comes months after Keys appeared to speak to Congress herself. In November after an emotional meeting with families with loved ones incarcerated in Baltimore, Keys discussed the increase in incarceration rates among juveniles and life sentences being given to minor offenders without the chance of parole.

“Nowhere in the rest of the western world are juveniles being tried as adults, or even worse, sentenced to life sentences without parole,” Keys said. “Is this who we are now? Is this who we want to be? These are just regular boys and girls, trying to find their way.”

To send your letter, click here and check out the video below.

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