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Actress Erica Ash has been a mainstay on the small screen for quite some time.

Having started out on LOGO’s The Big Gay Sketch Show (produced by Rosie O’Donnell), she was recruited to join the cast of FOX’s MADtv where she also contributed as a writer for the show. Currently you can catch her on Survivor’s Remorse on Starz, in addition to BET’s The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

As someone who embraces all genres of television, her interests range from comedy to drama. In addition to being a multi-faceted actress, she’s also the creator and writer of comedic advice blog “The Deviled Angel” and writes/produces sketch comedy for The Deviled Angel Network.

HERSource took some time to chat with the beautiful, emerging talent.


How did you get your start in drama?

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree (I studied pre-med) I decided to take a year off. I went to Japan and fell into a background singing gig. At that gig someone saw me and offered me a modeling gig. While modeling I met someone who offered me a ringside announcing job. And the domino effect continued until I got my first acting job in a Japanese film called Minano Ie. Needless to say, I never went back to medicine.

Tell us a little more about your role in Survivor’s Remorse?

My character is Mary Charles “M-Chuck” Calloway. She is that voice inside your head that pipes up first but you think better of that response and tailor it to be a little more “PC”. She is that first instinct that you feel but count to 10 so that you make a better choice. She’s a boss. She’s fun, funny, unapologetic. She says and does what she feels and deals with the aftermath…after.

You’re also on the series Real Husbands of Hollywood. What’s it’s like going from comedy to drama?

RHOH is a roller coaster ride of funny. It’s kooky and zany and I enjoy it. Going from comedy to drama actually feels quite organic and natural. To truly clench comedy you have to be unafraid to look stupid. Conquering that allows me the freedom to explore other genres. I have no shame so I can really “go there.” Having the drama in my repertoire as well allows me to live in the full range of my emotions and it’s really fulfilling.

How would you describe yourself as an actress overall?

Curiously courageous. Which is not the same as unafraid. I’m willing to try new things and push to surprise myself and expand my abilities. I want no stone left unturned at the end of my career. I want to try absolutely everything that appeals to me even if I’m afraid of it.

Who are some professional and personal inspirations in your life?

Love Oprah Winfrey. Period. To me she is the epitome of a driven entrepreneur. She and I should really do lunch.

What are some roles you hope to take on in the future? Any dream gigs?

I’d really love to be a kick-ass spy/secret agent in a high-energy action film. I would love to do a biopic on Josephine Baker, Bessie Coleman or any female Black unsung hero.