The conversation surrounding Kevin Durant’s impending free agency has been going on since the start of this season, with teams already vying for the services of the 7-time all-star. For his part, Durant has remained mum on the subject, choosing to focus on the matter at hand, which was getting the Oklahoma City Thunder a championship trophy. Last night, Durant and company fell to the Golden State Warriors in game 7 of the Western Conference Finals, blowing a 3-1 series lead.

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Now that the dust has settled and KD’s season is over, one can only expect teams to be coming out of the woodwork when he becomes a free agent in July. As the clock ticked down to 0 in last night’s game, fans on social media were already making desperate pleas for KD to consider joining their franchise. One such person is Philadelphia 76ers’ center Joel Embiid, who took to his Twitter account and tried to do some recruiting of his own.

It is unsure how effective Embiid’s Twitter recruitment will ultimately be, considering the franchise was the worst in the league this past season, and has been a perennial loser for the past few years. For what its worth, Embiid has yet to play in a regular season game since being drafted by the 76ers two years ago.


Almost getting LeBron James 2 years ago? He might be referring to this failed pitch.

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