Luck & Lana have been on a constant grind since releasing their full-length debut, GO, which was released in January 2016. Comprised of Luckyiam of Living Legends and singer-songwriter Lana Shea, Luck & Lana merge Shea’s delicate vocals and seemingly effortless rhyming style with Luckyiam’s signature laid back flow.

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After two back-to-back videos for “BWOMP” and “Keys/Vision,” the Cali duo is back with “Team” featuring LA production team Kill The Computer. The track kicks off with a Kurupt sample from a Vlad TV interview, which Luckyiam explains “was one of the greatest rants I’ve ever witnessed in the history of the internet.

“While I was recording my verse, I just thought, ‘Man, that would go perfect on that intro,” he continues. “Nothing else could be said right there. It’s how I feel.”


Shea adds, “It’s about repping your team to the fullest, right?  It’s about going all the way in. It’s about believing in the people around you hard as fu*k so that nothing else even matters.  Not everyone is gonna like you and we don’t mind that—that’s how it is when you’re passionate about something.  So we wanted the video to be athletic and competitive, but also dope and underground like us.”

Filmed at a secret Los Angeles fight club in LA, director Sawa took the reigns and delivered visuals that perfectly illustrate the theme of the track. 

Luck & Lana are clearly training for whatever lies ahead and in the meantime, turning out banger after banger. Check out for more information.