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Over a sample of The Rolling Stones‘ “Honky Tonk Woman,” Public Enemy mastermind Chuck D aims his sights at the greed and corruption of big business while doing his best to emulate a cowboy in the video for “Honky Talk Rules.”

Donning a black cowboy hat and black boots, the Fear Of A Black Planet emcee raps alongside vocalist Sheila Brody, who lends the track an authentic Stones feel. The only noticeable difference between a country video and this one is the camouflage clad entourage standing on stage.

With images of wealthy rulers, oil refineries and military power flashing across the screen, the video for “Honky Tonk Rules” makes its message clear—we’re long overdue for a change. The song was meant to be included on 1990’s Fear Of A Black Planet, but ended up being cut due to clearance issue. The video ends on a positive note with a visual of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.


Public Enemy returned with Man Plans God Laughs last year, which was the group’s first album since 2012. Public Enemy is preparing to take off on the Art of Rap Festival Tour this summer and hits eight cities along the way. Check out for more information.