On Friday morning [June 10], a woman found herself in distress as a thief ran off with her bike in the parking lot of an Oregon shopping center in Eagle Point. Luckily for her, cowboy Robert Borba heard her cries, jumped on his horse he had in his trailer, grabbed his lasso, and nabbed the thief.

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According to Eagle Point police, when the suspected thief saw Borba was on his trail, he jumped off the bike and started running. Borba was able to successfully rope the man by the ankles. A photo taken by a bystander showed the roped man on the ground, holding onto a tree. Robert’s wife, Alyssa Borba, witnessed the whole thing.

“He jumped on his horse that was at the ready and pulled out his lasso,” Alyssa said. “This is what he does [for a living], so he could do it quick.”


Borba, a professional cowboy, was on his way to California when he stopped in the shopping center to pick up some dog food.