E-40 is not only a master of marketing new slang, he has also proven, over his 30 year stretch in the rap game, that he knows how to reinvent himself. It appears he will continue to remain relevant and once again carry the Bay area on his back.

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Fans and critics did not expect the Ambassador of the Bay to launch hyphy music and his career into the spotlight again when entered a new deal with Atlanta’s Lil Jon in 2006 but let’s “Snap Your Fingers” changed the landscape of the rap game of the time. It was also a precursor to 40 Water relaunching himself into the mainstream eye with 2006’s My Ghetto Report Card with platinum hits like “Tell Me When To Go” and “U And Dat Booty.”

Followed by 2014’s “Function” and last year’s “Choices” showed 40 has plenty in the tank, and like he has proven over the years, never count him out. Earl Stevens appears ready to do it again and sounds hungry as ever on his new single featuring rising star AD, “On One.”


Of course the snyth-bass is slappy on this hyphy anthem in classic Bay fashion as 40 sounds far from a vet three decades in the game switching rhyme patterns and lacing his verses with signature slang. His double album The D-Boy Diaries 1 & 2 drops November 18th.

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