Kid Ink’s inspirational, gospel-infused hit gets its visuals. The rapper released the music video for RSS2’s “One Day,” directed by Jake Janisse.

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“I’m gonna make it one day, one day/I’m gonna be famous one day, one day.” Church claps take you through the streets, presumably the Los Angeles neighborhood that birthed the rapper.

Courtesy of Kid Ink


The flow of the video follows the same introspective feel of the lyrics. It’s not a club song like the rest of his mixtape—probably making it one of my favorite Ink tracks to date. The visuals certainly do the lyrics justice. We find a reflective, thankful rapper kicking it on pew as neighborhood faces and motifs flash on the screen.

Dreams aren’t enough to make it. Hard work, determination, and prayer get you to where you want to be, Ink rhymes. And as starry eyes strike the figures in “One Day,” the rapper gives props to the man above for all that he has accomplished.

“One Day” is currently available on iTunes. Check out its music video below: