Known as the “Talk Boss”, Kecia Clarke is a renaissance woman.

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A lawyer, interior designer, author and a CNN and Fox New television expert, she’ got her hands in multiple grooves of the pot.

As an author she’s brilliant and entrepreneurial. In 2015, she wrote, Designed To Inspire. In it, she advises her readers to make their home a place where family wants to gather. : “Each room in your home should encourage you to want to be excited,” Clarke told host Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson on the Scoop B Radio  Podcast. Check it out by clicking here.


Another one of her books that is both worth a read is Kecia Clarke’s Between The Pages of A Passport.

According to Clarke, traveling the world is easier and less costly than you think! There are secrets to cheap travel the industry won’t share with you. Booking a trip can be time consuming and frustrating sometimes because hotel rates change suddenly, airfare rises and dates get booked.

What about those blackout days?? That’s where her book comes in handy! Between The Pages of A Passport is a book meant to give you pointers on avoiding travel headaches.

Clarke moves with a purpose. During her interview on the podcast, she discusses how she became a self published author, getting on TV, embracing travel and  being inspired during the famous O.J. Simpson Trial as an attorney.

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